Thursday, May 19, 2005

Final Penn shoutouts

Well, I haven't fully recovered from leaving everyone at Penn. Senior week and graduation were great fun, but sad when we all had to say goodbye. And now, for some shoutouts.

To my soul calibur buddies, I apologize for the leg-throwing, groin-stomping, dominatrix-throwing excesses that defined "mehaling." On second thought, I offer no such apology. Squirm! Strangle!

To my fellow Dynasty warriors: (Guitar Riff)

Future Hamilton ITAs: Remember that the best way to earn ITA of the year is to install violent games on the computer and flirt with as many people as possible.

Charlton: Please do not run over little children in the Ronald McDonald hallways. Not cool.

To the girl who others know as "random indian girl:" You are hardly random, and you deserved a better boyfriend than me. I'm sorry it didn't work out between us.

Ayesha: No food or drink in the lab. Unless you bring me some.

Dai: We do need to finish Halo 2 sometime. And you could so NOT take me in Soul Calibur. Don't even try man.

Rick: Best of luck in Virginia. Its not that bad for a red state.

Greg: Remember my helpful buffet-eating tips. Don't have too much stuff on your plate at once, and enjoy whats before you. Wait, that seems like a nice piece of sappy advice that belongs on one of those inspirational posters. You were the best West-Wing pal I could ask for. Never loose that biting sense of humor. Otherwise, no one will like you.

Milenka: Well, after 3 years I finally managed to take you to dinner. Closure at last.

Oliver: Ep 3 wasn't that bad! I expect to be invited to a wedding. The grooms should wear Jedi Robes man.

Nicole: I'll eventually take you up on Ping Pong if you come visit me :-)

Cynthia: Keep writing Miles. So what that it won't be published? (Sideways quote...I'm sure you'll be published plenty of times)

Kelly: Alright, I confess. I never liked Apprentice, I just liked making fun of it. But I won't wear a bow-tie so you don't have to worry about that.

To the girlfriends of my roommates: A character in "Brigadoon" (a musical) once said that a man's friend is his wife's enemy; for he knows all the secrets she'll spend her life trying to figure out. Thanks for not being my enemy.

ITA managers. Thanks for allowing me to arrange my schedule in a manner to allow maximum gaming and ample flirting with the incoming/outgoing lab monitor.

BEAtNIX: Login Incorrect

Kenneth: Honey, don't make me beg you to come visit. We'll watch non-sucky episodes of Will & Grace, and you can teach me how to be a social person.

Anthony: Alright, Cassandra is kind of cute. But Ivy is far superior. Thanks for being my most challenging SC opponent.

Kien & Kenny: Road trip. Any time, any place. Thanks for being great camera advisors, harsh critics and wonderful pals.

Cacky and Tim: Well, not ALL RA's suck. Thanks for not sucking.

Huan: You were always a good reason to come to lab shifts early or hang around an extra half-hour after I was done, especially when I'd mock you for being weird. But really, if anyone ever calls you weird, slap 'em. Better yet, slap 'em and do the chicken dance to really freak them out. Your originality always made me smile.

Eunice: See? I TOLD you that Sin City wouldn't have killed you. As always, my frying pan awaits your pancake orders.

Wang Kai: Enjoy the depressed puppy. Name it "Mehal"

Gins: Sorry I couldn't make our final dinner, but that doesn't preclude me from seeing you again. Best of luck, my cute friend. Oh wait, I remember you hate being called cute. Ok, I won't call you cute ever again, even though you are.

Hal: Whenever I hear someone telling me about how they want to room with someone like them, I tell them our experience freshman year. Jewish frat-boy wrestler meets nerdy anti-social Indian. Who can forget late night conversations about hitting people in the groin, or trying to get "War" to play in synchronization on both of our computers. Best of luck man.

Helen: I'm not sure how good of a photography teacher I was but I just hoped to have sparked some interest. Talking to you, eating out with you, exchaning gripes about stuff with you was always memorable. Best of luck in Princeton.

Shane and Reid: Mosh Vadya Ciski. I wish we could go on that psychotic North Korean trip Shane but I doubt it will happen. Lets settle for Lombardis sometime. Shane, come back to the US sometime. Reid, you lucky Hawaii-dwelling bastard, have fun getting leid.

Roommate Shoutout to Seung Mina, Xianghua and Nightmare:

I couldn't have asked for better roommates. Wait a sec...yes I could. They could have been better looking or maybe didn't have to smell so bad.

But in all seriousness, some of the best memories I have are of the 4 of us acting like, well, idiots. Who's idea was Yat Key? Who's idea was it to film it? It doesn't matter, all that matters is that there's video proof of our insanity now that will resurface at your wedding Kelvin. There's a whole bunch of references to Family Guy, South Park, Scent of a Woman, Soul Calibur, Dynasty Warriors, Dart Boards and other random things I could throw in here but you would all anticipate them in advance. I don't think I'll ever get to live with 3 more interesting people again unless I'm confined to an insane asylum. Lets all stay in touch. And lets all vow to never become normal.


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Shane said...

Sweet, Mehal has a blog. These things are brilliant, aren't they? I am thinking of starting one on international development soon. In the meantime, check out: Peripatetic Ullage if you want to see how bored I am in my summer job.