Thursday, November 24, 2005

The supreme artist of Taco Bell

I flew in to Jackson today, via Dallas. In Dallas, I stopped for a taco bell burrito in one of those airport food courts. Normally, ordering taco bell is a bad idea when the food preperation is within sight of you, because you see the device that squirts the burrito interior into the newly-microwaved tortilla which doesn't exactly make you salivate. Obviously, one should look away, but I could not help it.

However, what I saw was not some pimply-faced teenager throwing toghether a burrito. Instead, I saw a pimply-faced teenager who viewed the burrito as a higher calling. He took care to ensure proper bean and cheese dispersal, so you don't have the notorious clump at the bottom that errupts out in a Mexican food avalanche destined for your pants. He scooped out some onions, pondered the amount scooped and put some back! No doubt, he thought "Hmm...there are too many onions here. I should put some back to ensure the customer gets a good burrito." Then, he properly folded the tortilla to ensure a stable burrito.

He handed me his creation. "Thank you sir," he said.

"No," I replied. "Thank you."

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Shane said...

You think that's art? You should have seen this guy I know in McDonald's who puts the perfect balance of ice and soda in every drink.